ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano


ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano

The ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano camera is the latest evolution of the Alexa camera family. While keeping the same body and proved 3.4K ALEV III sensor, the camera now benefits from the powerful electronics and sophisticated image processing of the ALEXA 65, resulting in more recording and monitoring options, and improved look management. The new internal media bay, co-developed by Codex, accepts the latest SXR Capture Drives for ARRIRAW and ProRes recording. Through an adapter you will also be able to record ProRes only to CFast 2.0 cards.

The main features of the ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano are in a nutshell:

  • ProRes 4K UHD & Cine in-camera recording (and other new recording formats)
  • All sensor modes in ARRIRAW and ProRes
  • Improved Image Quality
  • New ARRI Look Management (ASC CDL & 3D LUTs)
  • 3 independent HD-SDI monitoring outputs
  • Faster, high capacity SXR Capture Drives

ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS used


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ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano

ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano

The ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano is the most versatile and flexible of the ALEXA SXT cameras, a true all-rounder. With an integrated wireless radio for camera and lens remote control, tilt/roll sensors, electronic horizon and additional connectors for camera and lens control, signal output and accessory power, the ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Segunda mano offers the best value and widest range of uses.

Technical Data ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS used :

Sensor 35mm format ALEV III CMOS sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array.
Image aperture
of recorded image
23.76 x 13.37 mm (16:9)
21.27 x 17.82 mm (6:5)
23.76 x 17.82 mm (4:3)
28.17 x 18.13 mm (Open Gate)
Resolution Sensor Mode 16:9
2880×1620 used for 16:9 ARRIRAW 2.8K
3168 x 1782 used for 16:9 ARRIRAW 3.2K
2880×1620 down sampled to 1920×1980 ProRes HD
2868 x 1612 down sampled to 2048 x 1152 for ProRes 2K 16:9
3168 x 1778 used for ProRes 3.2K 16:9
3200 x 1800 up sampled to 3840 x 2160 for ProRes 4K UHD
Sensor Mode 6:5
2578 x 2160 6:5 ARRIRAW 2.6K
2560 x 2146 desqueezed & down sampled to 2048 x 858 for
ProRes 2K Anamorphic
2560 x 2146 desqueezed & re sampled to 4096 x 1716 for
ProRes 4K Cine Anamorphic
Sensor Mode 4:3
2880 x 2160 used for ARRIRAW 4:3 Full and 4:3 ProRes 2.8K
2578 x 2160 used for ARRIRAW 4:3 Cropped
Sensor Mode Open Gate
3424 x 2198 used for ARRIRAW Open Gate and ProRes 3.4K
3424 x 2198 up sampled to 4096 x 2636 Open Gate ProRes 4K Cine
Frame rate 0.75 – 120fps (in 16:9 mode)*
0.75 – 96fps (in 6:5 mode)*
0.75 – 96fps (in 4:3 mode)*
0.75 – 90fps (in Open Gate mode)*
Base ISO 800 ASA
Latitude 14+ Stops
Bit Depth 16 bit linear internal image processing
Recording Format ARRIRAW and Quicktime / ProRes
Dimensions 321 x 189 x 157.8mm
Weight ALEXA SXT Plus body with SXT Module: 6.9 kg
ALEXA SXT Plus body with SXT Module, electronic viewfinder, viewfinder cable and handle: 8.3 kg


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