Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano



Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

Incluye licencias ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW Licenses Keys

ARRI-K2.0006140   Viewfinder mounting bracket for ALEXA Mini (MVB-1)

ARRI-K2.0003216   Titanium PL LDS mount with L-Bus connector

ARRI-K2.0006347  Adapter plate with rod support for ALEXA Mini (MAP-2)

ARRI-K2.0006352   Bridge plate adapter for ALEXA Mini (BPA-4)

ARRI  K2.47090.0   Arri Bridge Plate BP-8 Set (19 mm Rods)

ARRI K2.73002.0     Arri tophandle

ARRI-K2.0006471   Battery Plate (BAP-1) for Alexa MINI

ARRI-K2.0006348   Side bracket MSB-1 for ALEXA Mini

ARRI-K2.0006348   Bebob batt adapter V mount

Side bracket MSB-1 for ALEXA Mini

lexar c-fast 2.0 256 gb card

lexar c-fast 2.0 128 gb card

lexar c-fast card reader

cable thunderbolt + cable usb 3

19 m/m Support bars x 240 m/m

15 m/m Support bars x 240 m/m

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Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

ALEXA Mini segunda mano se acerca mucho al Super35, dispone de un sensor ALEV III CMOS, que ofrece una resolución máxima de 3.414×2.198 pixeles, eso quiere decir que puede grabar en óptimas condiciones hasta 3,2 K, ya que para alacanzar ProRes UHD es necesario realizar un inflado de la imagen. Una de las características más importantes de la Alexa Mini segunda mano es la posibilidad de grabar en ARRIRAW de forma interna, sin compresión ni escalado, lo que ofrece una resolución estándar de 2,8K.

In a nutshell
Complementing the ALEXA range is the compact, lightweight and self-contained ARRI ALEXA Mini USED. This versatile video camera offers far more freedom and opportunity for creativity.

También disponible Arri Alexa Mini en alquiler Barcelona. Arri Alexa Mini for rent Barcelona

But this camera is more than just lightweight. It offers unparalleled image quality thanks to its 35mm CMOS sensor, 4K UHD ProRes images and frame rates of up to 200fps. The Mini may be compact, but it’s strong, sturdy and built for any environment. It is the go-anywhere broadcast companion, easy to fit into backpacks without compromising on performance. Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

In the hands
Super lightweight and easy to handle, the Mini employs a number of unique design solutions and state-of-the-art materials to deliver ruggedness, performance and agility. A lightweight carbon housing, solid titanium PL mount and super-stable titanium sensor mount reinforce the famed trustworthy ARRI build quality. Versatile and nimble to use, solid on set, this camera really doesn’t do limits. Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano. Arri Alexa Mini for rent Barcelona

You can now go above and beyond, thanks to the ARRI ALEXA Mini’s magnificent compact body and optimal design, supplemented with new-generation brushless gimbals, multicopters and other specialised rigs. Its outstanding low-light performance means the Mini is also ideal for underwater work. There are underwater housings currently in-development for the ARRI ALEXA Mini USED by leading manufacturers.Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

Ideal for
Time is precious. By keeping everything within a single system, time is saved on-set. The ALEXA Mini means an end to configuring third-party cameras for specialised shots. Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

With a 4:3 sensor and automatic de-squeeze function, images will be perfectly matched, even on anamorphic productions, with any other ALEXA camera. Workflows can now be identical with the option to record ProRes or uncompressed ARRIRAW, either in-camera to CFast 2.0 cards or to a specially-designed external Codex recorder.

Then there’s the ARRI ALEXA Mini’s symmetrical design. It offers the freedom to film in any orientation, including upside-down in portrait mode, facilitated with multiple accessory points for creative mounting options. The Mini’s interchangeable lens mount can also be substituted with any other lens designed for ARRI AMIRA. This permits the use of B4 video and EF mount stills lenses. Arri Alexa Mini segunda mano

Features you need to know about
The ARRI ALEXA Mini USED offers a whole range of versatile mounting and shooting options. This is thanks to innovative design features such as wireless remote control, either on-board motor operated (via the user button interface on the camera body) or via the ARRI MVF-1 multi viewfinder attachment.

The advantage of its super lightweight carbon body means a comfortable, easy to operate camera in a hand rig at arm’s length

También disponible Arri Alexa Mini en alquiler Barcelona. Arri Alexa Mini for rent Barcelona


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