SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano


SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano

Sony Boosts XDCAM Range with SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano Shoulder Camcorder. The SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano Incorporates a 2/3-inch Full HD 3CMOS sensor, 3DNR for an improved Signal-to-Noise ratio and rich format selection including XAVC support for HD. SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano  shoulder-mount camcorder  was announced at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas. The latest addition to Sony’s widely-used XDCAM HD422 line-up, the PMW-400 incorporates a 2/3-inch Exmor™ Full HD 3CMOS sensor for capturing beautiful images with high sensitivity1 and low noise. It has been designed with a host of features that make it a great fit for applications like ENG or live production.

SONY PMW-400 used


SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano

SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano

Higher Picture Quality with HD422 Codec SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano
Capable of MPEG HD422 50Mbps recording, the PMW-400 is unique among the field of 2/3-type camcorders thanks to its noise reduction capabilities and rich selection of formats that it can handle. Its 3 Dimensional Noise Reducer (3DNR) accurately detects and processes images to reduce noise, achieving a Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio of 60dB which is outstanding among 2/3-type camcorders. A wide variety of formats are supported by the PMW-400, including MPEG2 HD422@50Mbps, HD420@35Mbps/25Mbps, MPEG IMX@50Mbps, and DVCAM. The PMW-400 will also offer future XAVC support for HD2 so users can be well-placed to meet the ever-increasing demands for high quality image capture.

Improved Viewfinder
The supplied viewfinder features improved panel resolution of quarter HD 960(H) x 540(V) compared to previous models that had a resolution of VGA 640(H) x 480(V). In addition, contrast, and viewing angles are considerably better in the new viewfinder.

Flash Band Compensation via Internal Processing
The SONY PMW-400 Segunda mano incorporates a valuable new feature – an internal Flash Band Reducer3 based on a processing circuit installed inside the camcorder. In addition to current flash band reducing processes via content browser after recording, the camcorder also employs a special algorithm to detect and process flash banding inside the camcorder before recording. This provides greater flexibility in reducing flash banding across different shooting environments.

Operational Flexibility
To enhance convenience and flexibility during program production, the PMW-400 is built with 2 SDI connections that enable, for example, the director and cameraman to concurrently check contents shot via two different monitors. An optional CBK-CE01 50-pin interface lets the PMW-400 connect to two camera adapters for greater creative possibilities through multi-camera operation. By connecting to the CA-FB70 optical fiber and CA-TX70 digital triax camera adapters, the PMW-400 can be used as a studio camera in live productions and transmit signals over long distances while maintaining high picture quality.

R&D Prototype: Wireless Adapter for 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi Connections
For easy transmission by network and efficient on-site operation using Wi-Fi, a wireless adapter is under development. The adapter can be directly connected to the PMW-400 to enable proxy files generated on the microSD to be transmitted via 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi. Due to this easy transmission of proxy files from the shooting location to a broadcast station via network connections, ENG workflows can be accelerated tremendously. Using Wi-Fi transmission, the adapter also works with the mobile application installed on devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones. Additionally, a range of features are being planned to drastically improve on-site operation, including file browsing management, proxy file preview, stream viewing for camera signal, file transfer of proxy files and high-resolution files as well as metadata input and remote camera control.

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