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Alquiler equipos para cine digital

Ofrecemos servicios de alquiler para cine digital. Alquiler de cámaras. Alquiler de ópticas PL.


Alquiler COOKE S2/S3 SPEED PANCHRO T2.2 – T2.8

Alquiler COOKE S4i T2



Alquiler OCONNOR 2575D  TRIPOD.

Alquiler Canon K-35 set

Alquiler Zeiss Superspeed 1.3 MKIII set

Alquiler Cinescope Leica R Full Frame Lenses Summilux Set


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Alquiler equipos para cine Barcelona

Film equipment rental hire. We are your supplier of products and services to the motion picture industry. We offer a wide range of cinema equipment. Rental of cameras and equipment for audiovisual and digital cinema production.

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Rent ARRI ALEXA MINI (4:3 AND ARRIRAW LICENCE OPTIONS). We have Arri Alexa Mini available for rent hire

Rent COOKE S2/S3 SPEED PANCHRO T2.2 – T2.8. We have Cooke S2/S3 Prime lenses available for rent

Rent COOKE S4i T2. We have Cooke S4 Prime lenses available for rent hire

Rent ARRI ZEISS ULTRA PRIME T1.9. We have Ultra Prime lenses available for rent hire

Rent  ARRI WCU-4. WIRELESS COMPACT UNIT. We have ARRI WCU-4 available for rent hire

Rent OCONNOR 2575D  TRIPOD. We have OCONNOR 2575D  available for rent hire

Rent Canon K-35. We have Canon K-35 set of lens available for rent. Hire Canon K-35 lens

Zeiss Superspeed 1.3 MKIII set for rent hire

Leica R Cinescope TLS Prime Lens hire

Cinescope Leica R Full Frame Lenses Summilux Set


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GV Broadcast Equipment is a Barcelona based, camera rental facility offering complete camera equipment packages for high end Digital Cinema acquisition stocking brands including Arri, Sony, Canon, Cooke, Angenieux, Fujinon and Zeiss.

We are constantly expanding the scope of our operations and welcome new clients and production partners every day. Please feel free to contact us at any time so we can help you with your specific production needs.

Alquiler equipos para cine


Vintage Canon K35 Primes Now Available


Las lentes K-35 alquiler fueron fabricadas por Canon durante los años 70 y 80. Ganando un Premio de la Academia en 1976. Estos objetivos se usaron en muchos grandes películas como «Alien» (1986) y «American Hustle» (2013). El diseño óptico de alta velocidad de la serie K-35 alquiler es un ejemplo perfecto de la experiencia óptica de Canon y el diseño de lentes fijas. La lente K-35 alquiler es ligeramente más suave y tiene menos contraste en comparación con las lentes modernas. Pero es más nítida y proporciona más contraste que otras lentes vintage.


  • 18 mm Canon Aspherical K-35
  • 24 mm Canon Aspherical K-35
  • 35 mm Canon Aspherical K-35
  • 50 mm Canon Aspherical K-35
  • 85 mm Canon Aspherical K-35

Canon K35 Lens kit

Canon K-35 rental Barcelona. Canons 1970s Glass is widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful.  these lenses are nice and sharp (similar to zeiss super speeds) , but with a creamy quality and color palette that is unique.  These lenses all completely cover the dragon and 36x24mm (full frame).

These lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness.  they cover full frame 36mmx24mm

These Academy Award winning cinema lenses (1977) are both fast and small, exhibiting less sharpness and contrast than most modern lenses. Most notably used on Aliens (1986) and more recently American Hustle, The Canon K35 achieves a classic look while easily covering modern digital sensors.

Rent Canon K-35 Lens Set in Barcelona

Canon K35 Prime Lenses
Canon K35 lenses are quite possibly the best-kept secret in 35mm motion picture prime lenses. Not to be confused with Canon stills lenses, these were specifically made for cinema and were awarded an Academy Award in 1977. They have been used on many major features over the years, with Aliens being the best example but even more recent animated films such as Aardman’s Chicken Run was shot almost completely on K35s.
Canon K-35 rent these classic lenses have a look and feel that can’t be replicated: sharp enough to compete with modern glass but a classic quality that takes the digital edge off modern cameras. The focus has an elegant falloff and beautiful bokeh.

The K35’s were developed in the 1970s…

in response to the growing popularity of the Zeiss Super Speeds and also won an Academy Award in 1976 for technical achievment. Drawing similarities but excelling in many areas over the Zeiss counterparts, one of the standout features of the K35’s is the ability to cover full frame sensors.

As sensors continue to increase in size, the Canon K35’s RENT will be a hit among cinematographers.

Rent Canon K-35 Lens Set in Barcelona

In a time when manufacturers continue to release modern lenses with clinical sharpness, contrast, and flare control, the K35’s will be a welcomed option for camera persons wanting to add character and vintage aesthetic to their high resolution images. These lenses will be a perfect match for the Sony Venice, Red Monstro, and the upcoming Alexa LF large format camera.

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